DX Adventurepark

DX Adventurepark is the biggest outdoor water park in the Netherlands, in Gasselte. You can have fun with the whole family or with your friends at this park. The top attraction is a spectacular water ramp that gives even real daredevils an adrenalin kick. The aquapark is a course on which you can slide, climb, swing, clamber, balance and even be launched from the blob.


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Combi ticket € 26,00 Book ticket(s)
Adrenaline ticket € 18,50 Book ticket(s)
Fun ticket € 10,00 Book ticket(s)
Children's party € 12,50 Book ticket(s)
Basic ticket & visitor € 4,00 Book ticket(s)
Rent sup € 10,00 Book ticket(s)
Rent canoe € 10,00 Book ticket(s)